ATV safari is a perfect way to relax and spend time with your friends/acquaintances or colleagues after hard day at work or even during your days off. There are great variety of routes and tours that you can choose from based on their range and level of difficulty. Männiku safari center is also a perfect place for organizing your company events: in addition to quad bike tours we offer different activities for entertainment and with prior agreement it is also possible to order accommodation and catering.

Just 13 km from Tallinn city center towards Saku you’ll find Männiku Safari Center in a naturally beautiful place, Männiku Raceway. After a 10 minute car ride from the center of Tallinn one can observe a spectacular view: on the right there are former territories of the soviet army and on the left there are big quarries and reservoirs.

In the neigbourhood there are a lot of different tracks and forest roads as well as unique in the northern countries sand quarries. It is possible to explore all these territories participating in one of ATV-outgoings arranged by Manniku Safari center. During these outgoings it is possible to get a closer look at the former military reservations, tank-training grounds, situated on a very big territory quarries and reservoirs, to ride on cross-country race paths, and enjoy the nature in the pine-tree forest.

Pictures from previous safaries