ATV safari is a perfect way to relax and spend time with your friends/acquaintances or colleagues after hard day at work or even during your days off. Safari will take place in areas between Saku and Tallinn(Männiku).

During these outgoings it is possible to get a closer look at the former
military reservations, tank-training grounds, situated on a very big
territory quarries and reservoirs, to ride on cross-country race paths,
and enjoy the nature in the pine-tree forest.


We offer safari with different difficulty levels, and longer hikes. You
can choose your paths so that you can be hiking for up to 10 days,
choosing from a variety of roads!


Minimum for the group is 5 people and maximum is 14, our recommended group size is 8 to 10 people.

*You will have to bring sports clothes according to the weather, clothes for change and closed boots. NB! You can rent sports clothes from us as well!
It is not compulsory to have a drivers license.
You will get all the needed theoretical and practical instruction on location.


For the safety of the clients it is forbidden to ride:

– without the appropriate instructions
– drunk
– without the safety helmet
– 2 on one transport
– if you are under 16 years old (people under 16 are allowed to ride in the presence of a parent and with a written consent).

*Companies have a good opportunity to reward their employees with an interesting pastime – why not surprise your colleagues with a couple of hours of hiking. One athletic afternoon on the ATV safari trail is perfect for preventing workplace routines. And right next to Tallinn !!!


* If there are more than 14 people, we will put together a special program to distribute activities to everyone. We can also offer: bowling alley, sauna bus and regular saunas, shooting clay plates from hunting weapons, disc golf, wake park.

*We also look forward to your wishes for better organization of the event. We have also booked outdoor tents if needed for a larger event.



Vaata pilte meil toimunud safaritest

Book an event or other kind of meeting for your company outside the house with great relaxation!

Tour guide +372 55 51 1111.
If tour guide is not answering the phone you can also call +372 50 46 722.

Saunas info


The sauna will definitely wear out at the end of the safari. Otherwise the event will be somewhat incomplete 🙂 There are saunas of different sizes on offer.
After safari it is good to have the necessary changing clothes!


Option 1: There are two spacious saunas in Saku Manor 3 km from the safari center, which can accommodate more than 10 people. Food and drinks are brought to the sauna lobby. The menu is abundant as there is a working pub right next door. This is especially appropriate when there are men and women in the company. In this case, there is a long table in the corridor of the manor with vaults between the two saunas. Customers are very pleased with this solution.


Option 2: Sauna at the Hotel Jägerhof. Saunas are smaller but a little cheaper


The small sauna can accommodate up to 8 people and the larger one has room for up to 15 people.

Option 3: The sauna bus comes to the water when needed, takes you to the water by the sauna and, upon request, to the city!

Pictures of a sauna bus

Archery range can be ordered by prior agreement

Catering can be ordered by prior agreement.

We can arrange accommodation, seminar rooms, saunas and banquet rooms in different price ranges.

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Phone: +372 5878 7864

There are 32 rooms and maximum capacity is 70 people.


SAKU MANOR: (5 min drive)
Phone: +372 522 6068